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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Parenting Program Helps Children Growing Up in Poverty

From News-Medical.Net:

COVID causes childcare programs closed and social distancing measures in place, many children are missing out on opportunities for development. 

Parent education programs such as "the Smart Beginnings Project" and interventions that begin shortly after the birth of a child have shown to significantly impact parenting behaviors that support social and academic engagement for children growing up in poverty.

Smart Beginnings addresses these longstanding challenges by integrating the Video Interaction Project (VIP), reaching families during routine pediatric check-ups, with a second targeted program, Family Check-Up (FCU) during at-home visits for families identified as having additional risks and challenges.

Most recently, VIP has expanded to Flint, Michigan, a community deeply affected by a major crisis when its drinking water was contaminated by lead. The team is prepared for a large-scale implementation of the program nationwide. 

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