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Sunday, January 10, 2021

When Will Normal Weddings Resume?

From Insider:

Kerry O'Donoghue has one big plan for 2021: a destination wedding.

O'Donoghue, who lives in California and founded a bridal-wellness company, was supposed to get married in Dublin, Ireland, in August.

When the pandemic hit, she, like millions of other engaged people, had to push her wedding back.

But she thinks her big day will finally happen, with 100 guests in attendance, just nine months from now, thanks to the promising news that a vaccine will be available worldwide as early as spring — much sooner than expected. 


"I would encourage our guests to get a vaccine just to protect themselves and so that everyone feels more comfortable around each other," she said. But it is a complicated gamble.

Though Pfizer's two-shot vaccine is being rolled out in the US, Europe, and Canada, and Moderna's in the US, with more on the way, it will take until at least May for the general population to start getting their first doses. Immunity doesn't kick in until two weeks after the second dose, administered a month later.

What's more, experts including Dr. Anthony Fauci warn that we can't go back to normal — traveling at will, and hugging strangers — until every country in the world has eliminated the virus by vaccinating at least 70% of their population.

Then there are the logistical nightmares involved in shipping vaccines, quashing anti-vaxxer myths, and making sure everyone in the world gets their two doses.

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