Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Coronavirus Health Plan Decision: Co-Parenting Issue

From People:

Co-parenting in the time of COVID-19 brings extreme challenges. In addition to remote learning, economic changes and shelter-in-place orders, children of separated families also need to move between households — often with different COVID rules. That's why it's important for co-parents to communicate about protecting their children's health.

In Professor of Psychology Goldberg's research, "parents sometimes depicted their exes as anti-science and 'anti-vaxxers' and as endorsing theories regarding COVID-19 as a hoax or conspiracy," Goldberg says. "One mom said, 'I will almost certainly have to take him to court to be able to vaccinate [my child].' "

"When parents are unable to discuss hot issues without arguing, it is especially important to play nice," Sarah Bennett, says managing attorney at Sodoma Law North. She suggests that "a written record is crucial evidence if parents ultimately end up in court or mediation. "

Parents need to act quickly if they anticipate a problem with vaccination plans as going to court is costly and sometimes unnecessary to provide a solution to parents.

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