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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Couples Therapy to Help Political Strains

From CBS News:

Just about everyone seems to agree that the state of our union is on the rocks.

"Definitely like the feeling where the husband comes home and goes and does his hobbies and doesn't talk to the wife until they go to bed," said Drew Ginsburg.

Some, like family therapist Bill Doherty, think America is like a marriage, one that's not going well. Doherty is co-founder of a nonprofit called Braver Angels, which runs thousands of workshops nationwide dedicated to repairing the bond between liberals and conservatives. Doherty uses the same techniques he's used to help husbands and wives. 

"We are an American family. We sit at the same table. You can imagine one, big Thanksgiving table. And if we expel people from the table because of their political views, we will lose our ability to function as a country," Doherty said. 

Doherty said Americans first need to decide that our democracy is worth saving, and not everybody thinks so. 

"We need to have a divorce," one man told Dokoupil.

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