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Sunday, November 15, 2020

Polish Abortion Ban Seen Triggering Wider Retreat On Women's Rights

From Reuters:

Poland’s decision to ban most abortions in the face of mass protest is emboldening like-minded neighbours, campaigners say, predicting a retreat on women’s rights across eastern Europe.

“Behind these latest moves, lies a profound contempt for the rights of women… that does not limit to Poland. Other countries, including neighbouring countries, follow a similar agenda,” said Monica Costa, a senior campaigner at Amnesty International.

In October, 33 nations signed an international accord that critics say aims to restrict abortion access worldwide.

The Geneva Consensus Declaration was co-sponsored by the United States, Brazil, Uganda, Egypt, Hungary and Indonesia. In Europe, the other two signatories were Poland and Belarus.

Signatories say that there is no right to abortion, nor any international obligation for states to organise or pay for it.

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