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Monday, October 19, 2020

Sutherland: "Skelping away"

From the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland:

From 7 November, when the Children (Equal Protection from Assault) (Scotland) Act 2019 comes fully into force, parents in Scotland will no longer be able to hit their children: that is, they will no longer be able to rely on the defence of “reasonable chastisement” when facing prosecution for assault. Finally, the law has recognised that children are entitled to protection from physical violence to the same extent as adults, and the state has removed its imprimatur from physical punishment as an acceptable parenting strategy. In Skelping away, Elaine E. Sutherland explores the Act, its background, the efforts made to support its effective implementation and why any legal challenge to it is unlikely to succeed. [Note: in the Scots language, to “skelp” means to strike or slap].

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