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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

It's Not Your Imagination: Divorce Rates Are Surging

From Psychology Today:

The pandemic has not been easy on couples. It hits from all sides: from economic concerns to new working arrangements, from sick family members to managing children's stress and virtual schooling, from being at home more than ever to recommended social distancing from friends and family. The pandemic's burden is made all the heavier because of its uncertainty—we don't know when the pandemic will end.

According to Legal Templates, divorce agreement sales saw a staggering 34 percent increase this summer compared to last year. Their data suggest the pandemic's effect was quick: three weeks into quarantine and people were seeking divorces at a rate that outpaced previous years.

The summer might be over, but the adverse effect of the pandemic on marriages continues. This October, a DC-based law firm has reported a 70 percent increase in phone call traffic compared to last year. Divorces are on the rise.

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