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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Tale of Two Mothers

From CNN:

The way these two women's stories landed in the press provides an interesting opportunity to pause and reflect on where our society is when it comes to our expectations for women.
[Actress Cameron] Diaz's decision—leaving the career behind and turning to motherhood at 47—had a largely gentle reception, applause even from some, for a popular movie star who left a life-sucking (though lucrative) job to have a home and family.
But a number of articles about [Actress Ellen] Pompeo's choice of motherhood and 17 seasons spent at the same job led with her desire for a reliable paycheck—and even rated a snarky slapdown-of-a-headline in Vulture: "Cash Rules Everything About Ellen Pompeo Staying on Grey's Anatomy."
The idea that home should trump career is a philosophy many women (and men) share--including the 27% of American moms who, according to the Pew Research Center, stay at home to care for their children. Different choices, like Pompeo's, while completely relatable and necessary to many women, can still come in for an odd disapprobation.
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