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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Gender-Reveal Party Regrets

From the Guardian:

In 2008, while pregnant with her eldest child, Bianca, Jenna Karvunidis threw a party at which she announced the baby’s sex by cutting into a cake filled with pink icing. She wrote about the event on her blog, and her post went viral.

Soon “gender-reveal parties” became a massive trend, one that has come to involve increasingly extravagant choreographed “reveals” and sometimes even deadly stunts. One such party led to a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona; another involved explosives that killed a soon-to-be grandmother.

Karvunidis now considers the parties problematic, partly because they’ve gotten so out of hand, but also because of the message they send. “Who cares what gender the baby is?” she asked in a Facebook post in 2019. Her post again went viral, alongside a photo of her family featuring her daughter wearing a pale blue blazer and pants. “PLOT TWIST,” Karvunidis wrote. “The world’s first gender-reveal party baby is a girl who wears suits!”

She spoke to the Guardian about the trend she unwittingly started, and its limitations.

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