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Friday, May 15, 2020

Novkov & Nackenoff: "Stating the Family: New Directions in the Study of American Politics"

Editors Julie Novkov (University at Albany, SUNY) & Carol Nackenoff (Swarthmore College) recently published their book Stating the Family: New Directions in the Study of American Politics, available for purchase at Barnes & Noble here.  The book's table of contents is as follows:

Foreword: Responsibility for the Well-Being of Families, Joan Tronto

Introduction. Stated Families, Family Stakes: The Family, the American State, and Political Development, Julie Novkov and Carol Nackenoff

1. Democracy and Family, June Carbone and Naomi Cahn

2. Obergefell, Marriage, and the Neoliberal Politics of Care, Tamara Metz

3. Constituting Families: Marriage Equality Activism and the Role of the State, Ellen Ann Andersen

4. The Legal Construction of Motherhood and Paternity: Interracial Unions and the Color Line in Antebellum Louisiana, Gwendoline Alphonso and Richard Bensel

5. A "Bridge to Our Daughters": Title IX Fathers and Policy Development, Elizabeth Sharrow

6. The Feudal Family versus American Political Development: From Separate Spheres to Woman Suffrage, Eileen McDonagh

7. Building the Administrative State: Courts and the Admission of chinese Persons to the United States, 1870s-1920s, Carol Nackenoff and Julie Novkov

8. Deportability and (Dis)unification: Family Status and US Immigration Policy, Alison Gash and Priscilla Yamin

Conclusion, Julie Novkov and Carol Nackenoff

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