Sunday, May 24, 2020

Likely First and Only Emergency Divorce in NY Granted

From Daily News:

A Manhattan couple has become the first to file for divorce in New York City during the lockdown, two days before city courts are expected to lift the floodgates and allow non-emergency cases to resume, the Daily News has learned.

The divorce judgement signed by the county clerk Wednesday was deemed an essential matter by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Katz, allowing it to go forward while the court system is still operating in a limited capacity, court papers show.

“My client was very much in a desperate situation, and this was one way that could rectify that situation for her,” divorce attorney Morghan Richardson told the Daily News.

“She was so relieved, she was crying,” Richardson said. “Because this is tied to an immigration issue. Had we not been successful in getting this divorce entered, it really would have had dire consequences on her life.”

With the courts being run by a skeleton crew, Richardson had to resort to unique measures to get the divorce papers signed by Judge Katz.

“I asked him if I could drive to wherever he was comfortable meeting me in public, so that I could get the papers from him, and he graciously was willing to let me pick up the paperwork from his doorman,” she said.

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