Thursday, May 28, 2020

Fostering Kids During Pandemic--May is National Foster Care Month


On average, there are about 3,000 children each month in foster care in Alaska, according to Denali Family Services. The month of May is all about bringing awareness to these children. The unique challenges these kids and their foster parents face, can be magnified during the uncertain times of a pandemic.

"Every child in foster care has a story. Some are worse than others, but there isn't one of them that is good-- not one," said Raymond Gauthier.

Raymond Gauthier is one of the people trying to bring happy endings to those stories. he's a therapeutic foster parent with Denali Family Services. He and his wife have cared for more children than they can count over the past eight years. Currently, they're caring for three, all under the age of sixteen.

"It's been very challenging having three children in our home taking care of their recreational needs and activities," said Gauthier. "Their social life is really diminished."

In addition to adapting to social distancing from friends, and video calls with clinicians and case workers-- an important staple in some foster children's lives, family visits, have scaled back.

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