Friday, April 10, 2020

Family Law and COVID-19: Protections from Domestic Violence

From National Law Review 

New Jersey, like most of the United States, has been given “stay-at-home” orders designed to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect the general public. However, to a victim of domestic violence who is trapped in perpetual proximity to their abuser, these “stay-at-home” orders actually equate to the notion of a lose-lose decision: Stay at home and be abused, or leave home and expose themselves to a deadly virus and a world that has largely closed its doors.

Serious domestic violence often leaves victims feeling helpless, but the additional restrictions and general anxiety from the current pandemic may be too much to bear. However, there are protections available to victims.

New Jersey has the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act, which allows a victim of domestic violence to obtain a restraining order preventing further contact, communication, and domestic violence from their abuser. A violation of a restraining order is a criminal act, subjecting the abuser to arrest, prosecution, jail time and other forms of penalty.

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