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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Women's Promotion Increases Chance of Divorce

From Business Insider:

According to recent research co-authored by Johanna Rickne, a professor at Stockholm University, women who received big promotions were more likely to get divorced. Dr. Rickne's research examined men and women employed by private businesses with 100 employees or more and found that married women were twice as likely to divorce three years after a CEO-level promotion when compared to male colleagues. 

Additionally, researchers examined three decades of worker records in the public sector and found women elected to public office were almost twice as likely to divorce following a successful election. Female physicians, members of law enforcement, and clergy who earned major promotions also followed the trend.

Researchers believe post-promotion tension and conflict could be to blame. When couples experience a radical shift in roles, it could cause problems. From a decrease in time spent together to a change in division of household tasks, promotions can introduce stress, especially where gender norms are involved. 

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