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Friday, December 27, 2019

More Adoptions in TX

From Fox4:

More children in the Texas foster care system are finding homes than ever before.

New state figures show adoptions surging this year and more children leaving foster care than entering the system.


“We've seen more children exiting the foster care system than coming into the foster care system,” explained Child Protective Services Spokesperson Marissa Gonzalez. “And for the first time, we've topped 6,000 adoptions in one year.”

Judge Lane says vetted CPS foster parents were the preferred caregivers. Now, the agency is looking more toward other family members to step in. New laws are making it more feasible. 

“Fortunately because of a lot of the changes in Texas laws since 2017 where family is embraced, now they can get kinship funds so that they can support the children,” Lane explained.

The legislature has also pumped millions into the state agency to hire hundreds of caseworkers to reduce caseloads and turnover. Added staff means more focus on the family.

“Now, CPS must do a lot more before removing the child. So instead of automatically removing the child, they are doing a lot of rehabilitative stuff,” Judge Lane said. “They're giving parents services within the home. They are monitoring the parents’ progress to keep the family intact.”

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