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Saturday, November 30, 2019

National Family Caregivers Month

From Naomi Cahn, writing for Forbes:

November is not just the month for Thanksgiving – it is also National Family Caregivers Month. More than 40 million people provide unpaid caregiving, and most of that care is to a family member (less than a quarter is to a neighbor or someone else). That care is critical to the elderly. Most of these caregivers work, and almost half do so full-time; many are also providing care for children.

Women are more likely to be the ones providing care, although a significant number of men do so as well. The type of care differs by sex; men are more likely to spend time watching TV, women are more likely to engage in socializing and communicating. In addition to the $7,000 per year in out-of-pocket expenses, caregivers stand to lose wages and Social Security benefits of approximately $234,000 for male caregivers and $324,000 for women. And then there’s caregiver stress. Older adults prefer to age in place, and the number of older Americans living independently, especially women, continues to rise. Managing stress and avoiding burnout are a constant battle. And over half of caregivers report that they have experienced a decline in exercise and poor diet.

So how can caregivers manage the work/family/caring balance?

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