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Monday, July 29, 2019

Cost of Free Childcare

From Naomi Cahn (GW), writing for Forbes:

Just how much does caretaking really cost? Both parents together spend more than six hours per day doing unpaid work in the home, with women doing more than men. Indeed, as Melinda Gates points out in discussionsabout her just-published book, The Moment of Lift, women in the United States do 90 minutes more of unpaid work at home each day, compared to their husbands. 

We can now figure out just how much of a salary that unpaid work would pull down if it were not parents doing the work., which is a personalized gifts site based in the U.K., has developed a neat calculator that allows anyone to determine how much they could get paid for their various child-related responsibilities — if they actually were to charge for these services and someone was actually willing to pay. The site used to pull salary information for every town/city/region across a set of jobs that typically are involved in parenting: a cleaner, a chef, a personal assistant, a nurse, a psychologist, a teacher, a taxi driver, and a laundry worker, explained Bethany Cornell, a representative of Funky Pigeon's digital marketing agency. They decided to do this, she explained, to help parents figure out just how much they should be valuing their work.

With these data, Funky Pigeon figured out the average salary for each job across each location and then multiplied that to find the yearly average salary one could expect. By adding up the total yearly average salaries for the eight jobs, they were able to get a “parent salary.”

The tool is easy to use at this site. 

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