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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Divorce Registries

From Glamour:

It’s a subject that writer Sarah Bregel recently tackled in a wonderful essay for The Washington Post, and—given the lengthy comments section—it definitely struck a nerve. Including with me: When my ex moved out, we tried to split things up equally; it felt like the “right” thing to do. Unfortunately, that left me with a half-furnished apartment, half a set of dishes, and the old television. (Even now I’m a little mad I let him take the new TV I bought him as a gift right before things soured.) But asking friends and family to literally buy me things—the same way they did when I walked down the aisle—never even occurred to me as an option while getting divorced.

Bregel, the Post essayist, says she felt the same: “I certainly didn't expect anyone to give me anything when they found out my husband and I were parting ways—that's not our societal norm," she wrote to me via email. "But there really has been no greater time in my life when I've needed things and not had the means to acquire them,” she wrote to me via email.

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