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Monday, October 1, 2018

Alabama Leads Nation in Infant Mortality


Alabama leads the nation when it comes to infant mortality, and the governor's office is committing one million dollars in the month of October, aiming to reduce the infant mortality rate in the state.

The most recent data on infant mortality available from the CDC looks at the year of 2016. The data  shows that 537 babies died in Alabama in 2016 before their first birthday. 

This sight is often too familiar to families, especially mothers who've dealt with the loss of a baby after a live birth.

"Keep God first, because if you don't have God you don't have nothing," said Lequita Williams. 

It's their strong faith, the Williams family is leaning on after the death of their precious baby boy.  

"I didn't know that he had a birth defect until they told me. His heart tube didn't develop all the way," said Lequita Williams. 

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