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Sunday, September 2, 2018

Australian Family Lawyers Now Face Possibility of "Inefficiency" Fees

From The Weekend Australian:

Family lawyers could be hit with personal costs orders if they fail to help resolve disputes as “quickly, inexpensively and efficiently” as possible and if their fees become disproportionate to the issues in dispute, under laws to be introduced to parliament today.

The legislation will also merge the Family Court and lower-level Federal Circuit Court to create a “Federal Circuit and Family Court”, to streamline the family law system. The new duties to be imposed on lawyers and their clients come after a Family Court judge last year attacked the “obscenely high legal costs” charged by family lawyers and an apparent “win at all costs, concede little or nothing, chase every rabbit down every hole” approach to litigation.

Lawyers hit with personal costs orders will be unable to recoup the fees from their clients.

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