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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

North Korea is Hell for Women

From Harper's Bazaar:

At the recent North Korea summit, Kim Jong-un was accompanied by four women, including his own sister. People unfamiliar with North Korea might hope that portends good things regarding gender equality in North Korea.

Bustle reported that, “The presence of these four women is intriguing, but some speculate that their participation could be a strategy primarily intended to impress other world leaders and change how they perceive North Korea.”

I’m hardly a world leader, but I’m not that impressed. That’s because the lives of women in North Korea are hellish, waking nightmares (albeit, if Trump is to be believed, with great views of the beach).

Those cute cheerleaders for North Korea that people loved at the Olympics? The ones whose outfits inspired such complimentary news posts when they performed at the opening ceremony?

They’re sex slaves.

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