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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Women Should Manage Own Finances In Case Gray Divorce Coming

From Bloomberg:

For some, it means liberation. For others, loss. For women in particular, the doubling of the divorce rate for the 50-plus crowd since the 1990s can mean something far more prosaic: a need to shoulder the big financial decisions they’d let their spouses deal with when they were married. 

Often, they find some nasty surprises after he’s gone.

A majority of married women—56 percent—still leave major investing and financial planning decisions to their spouse, according to a report, “Own Your Worth,” released Friday by UBS Global Wealth Management. It’s not just older women slipping into the more traditional gender roles of their parents: Some 61 percent of millennial women said they leave investment decisions to their husbands. That compares with 54 percent for baby boomer women. UBS surveyed more than 600 women who have either been divorced or widowed within the last five years, along with 1,500 couples. Respondents had to have at least $250,000 in investable assets.


Of the divorced or widowed women in the survey who remarried, eight out of 10 were more active in the financial decision-making in their current relationship. (That’s a good move, since subsequent marriages have a higher rate of dissolving than do first marriages—and since women have longer life expectancies than men.) 

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