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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Surprise Surrogacy

From providr:

One womb, two babies, and two sets of genetic parents? Meet Jessica Allen, a surrogate mother who was given the shocking news that not only had she given birth to a child for a couple who turned to IVF, but that she had also given birth to a biological child of her own!

Jessica Allen and her husband Wardell Jasper decided to pay it forward after sharing two healthy children of their own. Jessica Allen says she wanted to be surrogate because ‘No woman in the world should have to live their life without experiencing the love and the bond from a mother and a child,’ Allen told ABC News.

After being matched with a couple from China, where surrogacy is illegal, a single male embryo was successfully planted in her uterus and everything was going smoothly. However, six weeks into the pregnancy her doctor gave her the shocking news that she was actually carrying two babies, not one. The 31-year-old was told by her doctor that it was unusual for the embryo to split but possible, and the surrogate mother assumed she was having identical twin boys.

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