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Thursday, April 12, 2018

DACA Decreases Pregnancy Among Undocumented Teenagers

From the Atlantic:

Three economists, Elira Kuka, Na’ama Shenhav, and Kevin Shih, looked at education and pregnancy rates among undocumented teens between the ages of 15 and 18 who became eligible for daca after it was implemented in 2012. Teen births declined across the whole country during that period, but to control for that, the economists compared daca teens’ outcomes with those of immigrant teens who were already citizens—and thus unaffected by the new act. After daca was implemented, they found, the undocumented teens were 45 percent less likely to give birth than they were before.

Like every study finding, this one has its limitations. Phillip Levine, an economist at Wellesley College who has also studied teen pregnancy, said that for various reasons, the 45 percent figure in this study might not be very precise. “I would feel comfortable concluding that daca reduced teen fertility,” he said via email, “but I wouldn’t place too much weight on the exact magnitude of the effect.”

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