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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Bird Nesting After Divorce

From CNBC:

Where to live is following a divorce or separation is one of the biggest questions some couples face.

A trend called bird nesting aims to simplify that problem, particularly when there are children involved. The arrangement occurs when a couple keeps one home for their children and take turns living in it.

And the trend has recently gotten some mainstream attention.

Actress Jenna Fischer of "The Office" is starring in a new comedy titled "Splitting Up Together," where she and her on-screen husband, played by Oliver Hudson, take turns living in their house with their children.

Actor Josh Lucas discussed his real-life use of this living arrangement with his five-year-old son and his mother on "The Today Show" earlier this year.

"The idea behind it is, look, your relationship didn't work out between the two of you, so it shouldn't really be his problem. It should be your problem," Lucas said, adding that his son "loves it."

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