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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A Christmas After Divorce

From the Huffington Post:

We aren’t a broken home, but we are a two-house home. My ex-husband and I split nearly 10 years ago—when our eldest was three and our baby was just six months old. The boys have grown up in two houses—it is all they can remember.

I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it is stable. They spend half the week with each of their parents—we don’t do the every-other-day thing, but instead he gets them three nights in a row, then I get them four nights in a row. The boys always know which house they will be at on any given day. My ex and I sit together at sporting events and school concerts, and we talk—ok, text—frequently about things like bedtime and expectations. Sure, there’s always “Mama’s house, Mama’s rules,” and “Daddy’s house, Daddy’s rules,” but we try to be relatively consistent and not allow the kids to play us off each other. Our kids have never seen us argue.

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This is what I love to hear. This is so healthy. As a family law specialist in Santa Monica, my practice sees the opposite. Lots of fighting and anger, wherein the children end up being badly affected. I try and promote what this article is all about, civility and love for the children, so much, that it trumps the anger over the divorce. The children deserve a fair shot at normal life after divorce. I love these stories. I really do. It makes me realize that my practice, which promotes settlement and low billing (to preserve the marital community) works, and really can be accomplished. Thank you for posting this article. Mark H. Karen, Esq.

Posted by: Mark H. karney | Dec 26, 2017 4:12:38 PM

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