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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Robot Divorce Lawyers

From Ohio Family Law Blog:

We live in a world that is dominated by cutting-edge technology. By the time that the latest and greatest technology is released, manufacturers are already beginning their search to find the next best thing. Nowadays, the easier we can make it to accomplish things, the better. For many, this means making things more accessible online and limiting the amount of human interaction that a person must have: whether it be ordering a pizza online, scheduling and cancelling doctor’s appointments, or even ordering groceries to be picked up at your local Kroger. By completing these tasks on the internet, we are cutting out the middlemen: the receptionist that answers the phone, the employees who take phone orders, and the assistants that schedule appointments.

Machines have taken over jobs in assembly lines, production lines, and coal mines. Robots and machines are more cost efficient because employers don’t have to pay several employees to do a job that a single robot or machine can do on its own. They are also more efficient and can get jobs done in bulk, allowing them to complete a task much quicker than a human employee.

What’s next…Robolawyers?

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