Friday, May 27, 2016

Divorce in France Simplified

From the Washington Post:

The French government plans to allow divorce by mutual consent to proceed without a judge, to simplify and accelerate the process.

Details are to be discussed Tuesday in the lower house of parliament during debate on a bill to modernize the country’s justice system.

Family associations, however, have expressed fears that the best interests of children would not be protected enough.

Justice minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas said the process would cost about 50 euros ($56) at the notary office. Each spouse would be required to have a lawyer. The divorce would still need to be pronounced by a judge if a child requests to be heard by a magistrate.

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It just feels good to hear that France is considering a plan to allow
by mutual consent to proceed without a judge, simplifying a process. It will not only save time but even money.

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