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Monday, August 3, 2015

Virginia Man Arrested for Bigamy


A Henrico man was charged with two counts of bigamy after his wife found out her husband had not divorced his previous wife before they got married. In fact, Frank Ernest Blake, Jr., 32, has been married three times without ever legally divorcing the women he married, police said.

Blake was charged with two counts of bigamy and two counts of forgery. Police said Blake forged two marriage licenses.

From behind bars, Blake explained that he has had three different marriages. The first one in 2001 lasted several years. He said his wife then filed for divorce.

“I got papers in the mail saying we were divorced, but evidently you get two sets of papers. I signed my name and everything on it” Blake said.

He said he didn’t think he had to get something annulled if it “wasn’t even real.”

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