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Friday, February 13, 2015

Child Custody Division

From KNOP News:

Sen. Laura Ebke (Crete) introduced a bill that would encourage judges to more fairly divide custody between separated parents. LB-437 asks that judges split custody by at least 65/35, unless there are circumstances in a case that warrant less visitation.

Ebke says it's important for kids to have both parents in their lives.
"Parents and kids alike, you know, thrive off of each other. The things that a young lady or a young man get from their parents are different. Moms and dads are different creatures and so it's good for them to have exposure to both."

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So why stop at 65/35? Why not begin at 50/50 and establish guidelines to deviate. Also, child support must be tied to parenting time in some way. There are too many people paying child support. It is probably one of the most harmful factors in child custody matters. I would like to see lawmakers and courts be more courageous when it comes to selfish parents.

Posted by: Ken Turner | Feb 18, 2015 2:28:44 PM

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