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Friday, January 30, 2015

Marriage and Consquences

From Erez Aloni (Whittier Law School), writing for the Guardian:

Even as social conservatives pontificate on preserving the sanctity of marriage and the importance of making divorce once again more difficult, other conservatives have launched a complementary crusade if ‘I do’ isn’t forever: hands off your ex’s money.

Some politicians contend the ease of getting a divorce is the source of other problems like poverty and crime, making it a worthy primary target for reform. Last month, 50 international scholars and religious leaders wrote a letter to the Pope, urging the Catholic Church to consider the effects of no-fault divorce – or ending a marriage without having to demonstrated the other spouse has done wrong – on society. The letter followed relentless political efforts by conservative legislators to make divorce more difficult, with legislation to impose “cooling off” periods before legally ending a union introduced in more than a dozen states.

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