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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dowd: “Fatherhood and Equality? Reconfiguring Masculinities”

Professor Nancy E. Dowd has recently published “Fatherhood and Equality?  Reconfiguring Masculinities,” which was a Donohue Lecture at Suffolk University Law School, and is in 45 Suffolk University Law Review 1047 (2012).  In this article, Professor Dowd sets out the asymmetric pattern of men’s caretaking as compared to women’s caretaking, and raises the issue of why greater equality has not been achieved in care as women’s participation in the workforce has increased.  Professor Dowd argues that not only is this linked to the lack of institutional and structural supports for parenthood, which leads to gendered outcomes in who does care, but in addition, and perhaps most importantly, the barrier to care is cultural, linked to masculinities norms.  Professor Dowd sets out the barriers to care linked to masculinities, and suggests a further analysis linked to vulnerability and its connection to caregiving.  Changes in masculinities, therefore, are critical to changing the pattern of men’s caretaking, and Professor Dowd sets out ways that this might be accomplished.


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Not only is this connected to the deficiency of institutional and architectural facilitates for being a parent, which results in gendered results in who does care, but moreover, and perhaps most importantly.

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