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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alimony Reform

As a sign of modern times, locations all across the globe are starting to discuss alimony reform.  This particular release discusses the discussion of Florida alimony statutes during the upcoming 2013 legislative session.  The Family Law Section of The Florida Bar has helped create “some of the most progressive alimony laws in the nation” that is both “fair and equitable to all parties.”  One of their goals is to educate public policy makers and the general public about Florida’s alimony statutes, as there are many misconceptions.

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People have no idea how many people are affected by unfair Divorce Judgments. It effects all of your family and significant others. This is injustice at its worse. The laws must change. The Judges follow the law and the legislators must enact law that reflects 21st century norms. And first and foremost the Court System is fostering adversarial relationships between the mothers and fathers which deeply affect our children. The Court System is, in effect, abusing our children by issuing unfair Divorce Judgments.

Posted by: We The People | Jan 29, 2013 4:18:52 AM

I have personally been punished beyond understanding concerning this law. I divorced my former wife back in 1990, we had agreed that she would pay her attorney Minda Hammersmith with my part of the monies of the sale of the marital home; however my exwife opted to run off with the money (36,000) to Puerto Rico where she lives till this day, and never paying her attorney fees. My exwife swore that there was no money left after paying her attorney, yet had her atty file for a motion for atty fees in May of the next year. She owed and owes me 14,000 with interest since 1990, which I tried to recuperate back in Feb 2004, and do right by paying Ms. Hammersmith with no avail. I had fallen in hard financial times back then, and also tried to modify the alimony of $750.00, and was denied. I am 73 years of age, retired in October and stopped paying the alimony because I dont have the money, and again this woman is taking me to court and demanding sanctions against me not limited to incarceration. I have been a FL resident for over 30 years, she lives in San Sebastian Puerto Rico, with a house with no mortgage, and a nice SS check. I cant pay, I may be loosing my homestead to forclosure on March 5th, 2013. I have paid my taxes, never broken the law, yet feel like Im a criminal. My wife is working, taking the load of our home, and I feel quite desprate. Something needs to change, our families our being penalized, and true I may have made mistakes, but I believe I paid my dues. I want to enjoy my family and pray this law would change, before I am penalized unfairly.

Posted by: Juan Perez | Feb 6, 2013 11:08:17 AM

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