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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Divorced Fathers' Rights in England

From the British Guardian:

Fathers who have gone through divorce or separation will not be granted a legal right to guarantee that their child has "a meaningful relationship with both parents", according to a long-awaited report on family law.

The Family Justice Review draws back from one of its key interim recommendations that had raised the hopes of groups such as Fathers 4 Justice, which campaigns for improved paternal access rights.

The review also condemns the lengthy court delays involved in care cases and calls for a statutory, six-month limit to be imposed on reaching decisions in child protection cases "save in exceptional circumstances".

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Having 'a meaningful relationship with both parents' cannot be guaranteed by the court system because obviously there are cases where shared parenting is not appropriate. However, I do believe strongly that the presumption should always for FOR shared parenting and the burden should be placed on the parent who AGAINST shared parenting to prove to the court why it should rule in favor of one parent instead of ruling for both parents.

Posted by: Tulsa Divorce Attorney | Nov 30, 2011 6:36:38 AM

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