Thursday, January 28, 2010

$17 Million Contingency Fee Marital Property Subject to Equitable Division

The Tennesee Supreme Court has ruled that a $17 million class action settlement fee received by a husband-attorney after his wife filed for divorce is marital property subject to equitable division.  The decision is consistent with the wealth of jurisprudence on marital and community property - acquisitions that are the result of effort, skill, or industry expended during marriage should be susceptible of being shared.  But to reach this decision, the Court had to creatively interpret a Tennessee statute which requires that property be "owned by either or both spouses as of the date of filing of a complaint for divorce" to qualify as marital property.

Read the opinion here or news coverage of it here.


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There are exceptions to the general rule that nonmarital property is exempt from equitable distribution. Sometimes, a spouse will allege that the otherwise separate property of his or her spouse was "transmuted" into marital property. These types of claims are known as "transmutation" claims. A party who claims that his or her spouse has transmuted presumptively separate property (e.g., inheritances or premarital assets) bears a heavy burden because it must be shown that the spouse engaged in specific conduct evidencing his or her intent to treat that the asset is part of the marriage.

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