Thursday, February 22, 2007

Call for Papers: AALS Family & Juvenile Law Section

The deadline is nearing for Family Law Professors to submit their proposals for presentations at the Family and Juvenile Law Section of the 2008 AALS Annual Meeting (January 2-6, 2008, New York City).  The Panel topic will be "The Moral (and Policy) Foundations of Family Law" - discussing the ideas that either are, or should be, foundational, either for family law as a whole, or for some significant sub-area within family law.

Those taking part must write a 2-5 page (double-spaced) abstract, summarizing the (15-20 minute) presentation you would give if selected.  The abstract must related to the Panel topic, given above.

Abstracts are due by 5:00 pm (Central Time), February 28, 2007.

Because abstracts will be judged “blind,” the following process will be used.  Those taking part will need to send TWO files by e-mail attachment to Prof. Janet Richards (Memphis) [email protected]

The first file will contain identifying information (name,  law school affiliation, contact information, along with the title of the abstract); the second file will contain the title and the abstract itself – but with NO identifying information. Only the second file will be forwarded for review.

Selections will be made as soon as possible after the deadline passes.


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