Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Child Has Three Parents

"Last week, a 5-year-old Ontario boy became a member of a larger family. An appeals court ruled that he has three parents: a father and two mothers.

The boy, who like other members of the family cannot be identified under a court order, has been raised by his biological mother and her partner; the partner was given parental status by the Ontario Court of Appeal last week. The boy’s father has also been involved in his upbringing since birth.

The court decision affirming the partner’s parental rights, which overturned a 2003 trial court ruling, is the latest of a series of legal actions expanding the rights of same-sex couples in Canada. Like those earlier rulings, this one was swiftly criticized by some religious and family groups for undermining traditional definitions of marriage." By Ian Austen, N.Y. Times Link to Article (last visited 1-17-07 NVS)

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