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Monday, September 21, 2020

Yale Law Journal Submission Deadline

The Yale Law Journal asked me to post the following:

Submissions for Vol. 130 will close on Sept. 23rd. We encourage authors with Articles and Essays to submit their pieces well before the close of submissions. We are no longer accepting submissions of Features, Book Reviews, and Forum.

Yale Law Journal, Submissions:

To submit, please use our online submissions system


The Journal’s Style Guide is available here.

The Journal’s Empirical Work Policy is available here.


The division between these two forms of professional scholarship serves not merely to separate longer pieces from shorter ones, but also to encourage two distinct and complementary approaches to legal analysis.

  • Articles devote substantial space to situating themselves within existing research, and they often frame their arguments as comprehensive analyses of a given subject.
  • Essays are often narrower in scope than Articles, but the subject matter is of general scholarly interest. Essays may experiment with style, tone, and voice. The ultimate goal of an Essay is to start a new and interesting scholarly conversation.

The Articles & Essays Committee reviews submissions without knowledge of the identity of the authors. We do not review Articles or Essays written by current J.D. students at Yale Law School, or by authors who were J.D. students at Yale Law School at any time during Volume 130’s submissions window. hen to submit Articles and Essays to YLJ, please click here.

For our policy on exploding offers, please click here.

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

September 14th Deadline for the Pound Civil Justice Institute Civil Justice Scholarship Award

The Pound Civil Justice Institute is pleased to offer again this year our award designed to recognize current research and writing on civil justice issues, and to encourage such research in the future.  The Civil Justice Scholarship Award will be presented at Pound’s winter Fellows receptions.  The nomination deadline is Monday, September 14, 2020; the award will be presented on Sunday, February 7, 2021 in Palm Springs, California.

We will recognize two works annually (as possible) – one book and one article.  Law school deans may make one nomination for each category (book and article) for professors in their school.  Self-nominations are also permitted.  Attached is a flyer about the award for you to share/post to relevant list servs or websites.  Criteria and nominating form (and the flyer) can be found at http://www.poundinstitute.org/civil-justice-scholarship-award/.

Here is the announcement: Download 2021 CJSA Announcement

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