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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Usefulness of . . . Evidence

Since this is EvidenceProf Blog, it seems appropriate to mention celebrate this post by Orin Kerr over at the Volokh Conspiracy.  The post describes the results of a survey of George Washington Law School alumni who were asked to identify the "most useful" elective they had taken in law school.  The survey results received surprisingly widespread coverage given that the results seem intuitive (at least to me).  Here is coverage on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog; here on the ABA Journal; here on Prof. Bainbridge (celebrating the third place finish of Corporations).

Whatever the survey's weaknesses (and why admit that there are any?), the results are good for Evidence professors.  Evidence was the winner, hands down.  Administrative Law came in second – although one suspects that Administrative Law would not have done nearly as well in a survey of alumni of any school not located in Washington, D.C., but I will let someone on CorporationsProf Blog take up that fight . . .

- Jeff Bellin


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