Sunday, September 13, 2020

Wildfire and the Law Video

Two weeks ago, as the West was just beginning to go up in smoke, I recorded a wildfire-101 video for my students and interested colleagues.  My goal was to explain, in about fifteen minutes, why we're seeing so much fire and what law has to do with it.  I've received enough positive response that I decided to make it generally available, so here it is.

If you do watch it, I recommend blowing up the slides, many of which come from papers published by experts in the field.  The graphics are much more interesting than me talking.

The larger point of the talk is straightforward: this didn't just happen to us.  Our smoke and fire problems are consequences of policy and law.  That's ultimately a hopeful message, because policy and law can change, though of course it won't be easy.

- Dave Owen

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