Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Environmental Law Faculty Hiring, 2020-21

For the past few years, I’ve written a post listing schools that are interested in hiring tenured or tenure-track environmental law faculty.  This year's list appears below. 

Readers should be aware of a few things about this list.  First, it is limited to tenured, tenure-track, and long-term-contract hiring.  I haven't made an effort to identify visiting positions.  That's because visiting positions tend to open up later in the academic year.

Second, this list may grow in the next few weeks, and I'll continue updating the post if it does, but it's also likely to remain incomplete.  I've compiled the list by looking at Prawfsblawg's post on entry-level hiring committees and by soliciting input from the environmental law professors' listserve.  There may be interested schools that (a) didn't post their interest on Prawfsblawg; (b) don't have faculty members on the listserve; and/or (c) choose to keep their hiring preferences to themselves.  Strong environmental law candidates therefore may draw interest from schools that aren't listed below.

Third, schools that are interested in environmental law hires are probably also looking at other subject areas.  They may hire in those areas rather than environmental law, and they also may not hire at all.

With those qualifiers, here’s the list.  And if you’re thinking it looks a little short this year, well, yes, it is.  That could because this year’s turbulence has schools delaying their hiring announcements.  But it could also be because this year’s turbulence means many schools won’t be hiring at all. 


Columbia is looking to replace its environmental law clinic director, who is retiring at the end of this academic year.

Iowa is seeking candidates in environmental and natural resources law (along with a few other areas).  It seeks entry level or lateral candidates.

Notre Dame is looking for entry level and/or lateral hires, and environmental law (along with related fields) is an area of priority.

Utah is searching for candidates in multiple fields, one of which is environmental law.  Candidates who can combine environmental law or energy law with business, civil procedure, property, administrative law, and/or federal courts will be particularly attractive. Untenured or recently tenured laterals will be considered.

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