Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Book from Professor Robin Craig!

Professor Robin Kundis Craig, of the University of Utah’s S.J. Quinney College of Law, has published Comparative Ocean Governance: Place-Based Protections in an Era of Climate Change.  The publisher, Edward Elgar Publishing, has released the following announcement:

Comparative Ocean Governance examines the world’s attempts to improve ocean governance through place-based management – marine protected areas, ocean zoning, marine spatial planning – and evaluates this growing trend in light of the advent of climate change and its impacts on the seas.

This monograph opens with an explanation of the economics of the oceans and their value to the global environment and the earth’s population, the long-term stressors that have impacted oceans, and the new threats to ocean sustainability that climate change poses. It then examines the international framework for ocean management and coastal nations’ increasing adoption of place-based governance regimes. The final section explores how these place-based management regimes intersect with climate change adaptation efforts, either accidentally or intentionally. It then offers suggestions for making place-based marine management even more flexible and responsive for the future.

Environmental law scholars, legislators and policymakers, marine scientists, and all those concerned for the welfare of the world’s oceans will find this book of great value.

I am very excited to read this timely, relevant, and important book, and of course it is always a pleasure to stay current with Robin’s latest work!

- Keith Hirokawa

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