Friday, June 15, 2012

Renewable Energy Scorecard - What's Your Country's Grade?

In anticipation of Earth Summit 2012, the NRDC recently released a global scorecard grading G20 countries on their performance in deploying renewable energy.  The scorecard paints an interesting picture, showing where renewables are most used and where they are growing the most.  NRDC argues that as a planet, we can reach 15% renewable energy by 2020 -- something the report contends would double current predictions.

Here are a few highlights from the scorecard:

  • Germany produces the most electricity from renewables, followed by the EU as a whole, then Italy, then Indonesia.

  • South Korea, then China, then Brazil have had the most growth in renewables since 2002.

  • The U.S. ranks 7th of G20 countries in electricity production from renewables.

  • Last out of the G20 countries is Russia.

  • There was $160 billion invested in new clean energy developments in 2011 in G20 countries.


Image credit: NRDC

-Lincoln Davies

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