Monday, April 13, 2009

E.O. Wilson seeks to create networked encyclopedia of life

E.O. Wilson's TED talk pleads for a networked encyclopedia of life, because of the dimensions of the unknown regarding life on earth. E.O. Wilson is, of course, the sage advocate for biodiversity protection and the most famous voice associated with conservation ecology -- although Jane Lubchenko may have surpassed him with her rise to power.  Here's his bio.  EO Wilson bio.  Here's his talk:

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Wow- a plea for insects. How unique, and of course, the bigger picture is for making the world work for all.

Humanity's energy-sucking ways are taking it's toll, and there's a lot to be done at home, by way of not just improving, but transforming. Sometimes it's just a matter of awareness.

For example- It's very often possible now to get one’s home off the power grid entirely. I think the more this becomes known, the more common it will become. I’m currently in an apartment because my wife works close by where we live, but once we move out west in a couple years, it’s my plan to have the house producing it’s own energy.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get more than half the homes out there doing that? Eventually it would reach a “tipping” point where others sucking energy from power companies would feel like they are losing out- and losing energy money. And they would be.

Posted by: Tim | Apr 13, 2009 6:41:23 PM

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