Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CO2 Inventory Data Source

Vulcan_co2_inventory_map Like local data to pique your students' interest???  Want to know the facilities that you should target to make big gains in CO2 reduction???  Project Vulcan has made its complete database available -- and it produces cool maps like the one to the left.  2002 CO2 Inventory Data
Small databases with state by state and county by county inventories for 8 sectors are also available.  Enjoy!

An example of what a student might do: I looked at the Oregon inventory regarding mobile emissions.  It turns out that 75% of Oregon's emissions come from 15 of its 35 counties. Vulcan_2002_oregon_co2_inventory.xls   Since most of those are counties where urbanites support measures to control CO2, it might be possible to design a state program to reduce vehicle miles traveled in just those 15 counties -- and garner the support of rural legislators.  The idea is obvious -- but here are the numbers to prove it.

An example of the data available on a county by county basis is this Oregon


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