Monday, January 30, 2006

Another Thought -- Stop Collaborating with US News and World Report

Rosa Brooks some day may be as well known to the American legal academy as Rosa Parks is to the global community.  She wrote a post at the end of December arguing that tenured law professors should stop writing law review articles.  Goodbye

I have another liberating thought -- and I actually put it into action this year.  I received the U.S. News  & World report survey on the best environmental law programs -- and I threw it in the trash.  I received a second and a third -- I threw them in the trash.

U.S. News & World report has done virtually infinite damage to the legal academy.  It is time that we stopped collaborating with them.  It may be impossible for law schools to refuse to fill out the questionnaires -- but we could deprive them of a large part of their value by withholding our opinions.  And, even more radically, by writing those in the legal profession and urging that they withhold their opinions.

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