Sunday, October 16, 2022

Enjoying Experienced Interviewers and Experienced Interviewees Talk Intriguing Career Details

When my overworked eyes are too tired to read even one more word or watch another moment of TV, I can still enjoy listening.  Over the weekend I caught two interviews of experienced professionals, made especially interesting because of the great exchanges between the "entertainers" and the well-prepared, dynamic questioners.

Jamie Lee Curtis -- of Scream fame (among other career highlights) -- interviewed by Alesha Roscoe on NPS's Weekend Edition Sunday.


Béla Fleck of all-things-banjo musical fame, interviewed by WTF host Marc Maron.  

What do these interviews have to do with "Elder Law"?  Thankfully, not much.  But both of the actress and the musician were talking from the perspective of their "age" about how and why they kept going in their crafts.

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