Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Roundup of Articles from May

Having not blogged in a while, I have a few articles in my inbox from May that I thought at least deserved a mention.  (The titles are pretty self-explanatory). Some are more feel-good stories (which we can all use right now) and others are more serious.  Read when you have time.

1.   During the Omicron Wave, Death Rates Soared for Older People.

2.   ‘Grandfluencers’ Are Sharing a New Vision of Old Age. On TikTok, the over-65 set is thriving.

3. These 90-Year-Old Runners Have Some Advice for You

4. CMS Unveils More User-Friendly Medicare Website

5. Government watchdog: 1 in 4 older Americans on Medicare harmed during hospital stay

6. V.R. ‘Reminiscence Therapy’ Lets Seniors Relive the Past

7. States with the Most Improved Outlook for Older Adults (apologies to Morris Klein who sent me the link back in May).


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