Friday, July 22, 2022

New Article on Needed Medigap Protections


Center for Medicare Advocacy Senior Policy Attorney Kata Kertesz had her article, “Expansions of Medigap Consumer Protections are Necessary to Promote Health Equity in the Medicare Program,” published last week in the Stetson University College of Law Journal of Aging Law & Policy.   The article starts on page 39.  Check out all the other articles in the volume while you are dowloanding the Medigap article.

Check it out!

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It’s really too bad that this is such a confusing topic for a population that is challenged by choices, restrictions, time limits, in/out enrollments, open enrollments .... often by virtue of age or health conditions. That is to say, for seniors and those under 65 that qualify for Medicare.
On top of that, I’ve seen where seniors in MA plans enter a retirement community where the SNF and rehab therapy may not be in their “network," furthering their confusion.
The title of this article is somewhat of a misnomer, because so much content is about Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. However, midway there is a major shift to Medigap, as the title of the article indicates.
Okay, now I have to share a bit of my own confusion as a reader of this article. Could someone go to the top of Page 53. See the sentence that begins “By contrast …” which discusses traditional Medicare. The next sentence that begins “In most plans” appears, at least to me, to switch to a statement about MA beneficiaries, without so stating. May I ask the kind audience reading this if you have the same opinion? (or not?)
The writer of this article was well-intended, but it was a bit too much "all over the map."
However, I appreciate this blog sharing it with its readers. Thanks.

Posted by: Jennifer Young | Jul 23, 2022 6:45:14 AM

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