Friday, July 30, 2021

Are In-Law Apartments the Answer to Housing for Elders and Folks with Disabilities?

The Boston Herald addressed housing needs in this article, Massachusetts advocates say in-law apartments will help older adults, people with disabilities.   The article advises that "[t]he region’s restrictive zoning laws around accessory dwelling units, or in-law apartments, are being reexamined by lawmakers and advocates who say easing up would be a game-changer for older adults or residents with disabilities."  The author of the bill noted specific provisions of the bill apply to elders as well as those with diabilities, and allows for a special need trust "for those with disabilities 'so an owner could create a long-term housing plan for after they passed away to allow their child to stay there....'" A companion bill has also been filed in the Massachusetts Senate. Another bill has broaden the regulation of accessory dwelling units, because as noted in a "2019 study ... that only 37 of 100 of the communities closest to Boston allow for ADUs to be rented out. Another 31 municipalities allow for temporary ADUs for family members or caregivers. The remaining 32 communities have no zoning allowances for ADUs at all."

Consider the role of zoning ordinances not only on the availability of housing, but how it impacts housing specifically for elders and individuals with disabilities.

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